The bloomice FIN DAB FM (A) combined DAB Band III and AM/FM Roof Mounted 'Fin' style antenna is IP66 rated and formed of a Black Matt

automotive grade ABS. The amplifier can be powered via the centre core of the coaxial cable (Phantom Fed) or alternatively via a separate

12v power lead (to DIN 46340 connector).


Bloomice FIN DAB RM A Roof Mounted Amplified DAB & AM/FM Antenna

The bloomice CUADO DAB patch antenna is an ABS IP66 patch antenna with a self-adhesive fixing strip designed to achieve excellent

placement strength on any non-metallic surface. A superbly engineered integrated dipole amplified PCB provides excellent DAB performance at 150MHz - 240MHz. It is supplied with 5m of low loss RG174 cable and an SMB Female Right Angle or FAKRA Female (Black) connector.


Bloomice CUADO DAB