The bloomice CAT-C-UHF is a 7dB high gain stacked collinear, end fed rugged antenna suitable for TETRA, Digital PMR and PMR applications

and is supplied with a selection of mounting brackets that facilitate mounting on to a pole, rail, wall or bulkhead.


Bloomice CAT-C-UHF

The bloomice PARED J NF is a rugged Omni-Directional high quality antenna providing excellent performance across the TETRA bandwidth with corresponding gain values from 5.0dBi to 7.0dBi. It is supplied with both wall mounting or mast mounting support brackets.


Bloomice PARED J NF 460MHz to 2.7GHz Wall or Pole Mounted Antenna

The bloomice ALETA-R is a rugged, low profile antenna designed for use on public transport systems, high speed trains, buses and trucks. It is fully tested and approved for use on rail infrastructure networks operating up to 50kV, and is available with customised functionality meaning that any combination of operating frequencies can be integrated according to customer specific requirements. Functions include VHF, ORBCOMM, UHF (TETRA), GSM-R (2G/3G), LTE (4G), GPS, WIFI (2.4-5.8GHz) and IRIDIUM.

Where required, functionality can also be provided with 'Multi In, Multi Out' (MIMO) elements.


Bloomice ALETA-LTE-R Body Mounted Antenna

The bloomice MINI MAG VHF/UHF is a IP66 4dBi gain Magnetic mounted ½ Wave antenna with a 286mm spring loaded black whip. It offers excellent performance at tuned points on the 144MHz and 430MHz spectrum(s), making it an excellent choice for use in TETRA, Digital PMR and PMR applications


Bloomice MINI MAG VHF/UHF 144MHz / 430MHz