Since 1999 Bloomice SL have developed long standing and loyal partnerships with customers large and small in all four corners of the globe.

Each year many thousands of new ideas and opportunities utilizing existing and developing wireless technologies come to fruition. These provide the footprint for our product development team to ensure we have a range of superb products available to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Bloomice SL are a leading provider of high quality wireless solutions and services. Antenna products range from our Embedded Compact portfolio through to our Base Station solutions. Our connector & cable assembly offer encompasses W.FL solutions through to LMR and Ethernet multicore solutions.

All products are manufactured in accordance with the RoHS directive 2003, are REACH compliant and are CE certified. We work tirelessly with our supply chain partners to uphold our commitment to ensuring all of the components used within our products are ‘Conflict Free’ in line with the US SEC requirement Section 1502 dated 22nd August 2012.

Our products are available via a network of highly dedicated, committed and professional distribution partners. Please click the ‘Distributors’ tab above for detailed information. If your region is without a listed partner, please contact us directly via enquiry@bloomice.eu

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